Konstanz, Switzerland and Stars


We are definitely making the most of this holiday! Today we drove yet another few hundred kilometres and visited Konstanz (another city in Germany but this time on the border of Germany and Switzerland). We also paid a visit to the Rheinfall in Switzerland: “The European Niagara Falls”. I have now been to both and I must admit that the Canadian version wins but it was a great day all in all!

We also did some longboarding on the Austrian side and got stopped by the border control on our way back – they had a hard time believing that a Dutch man (the owner of the car aka R) did not a) do drugs b) tried to smuggle them across Central Europe. Funny day.

We also stopped at the skatepark afterwards and did a session in the dark after which I still insisted on making a stop just outside of Uberlingen to take picture of the stars – I’m so annoyed that we don’t get to see them in Delft!

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