We drove back to the Netherlands today… However, on the way, we stopped at Sinsheim Auto and Technik Museum. Now, I’m not a massive car fan but I gave the entrance tickets as my anniversary gift to R (guess who was excited). Although my knowledge about cars is rather limited, I quickly got excited about the museum.

It is divided into two parts: military and general. Firstly, R and I only walked into the military part and thought that that was it (we were slightly worried) but luckily there was a whole another hall left to explore (with F1 cars, sports cars, first moped, first car, locomotives, to name a few). We more or less ran through the museum yet it took us 6 hours to have a look at everything. If you’re looking for a gift for a car-enthusiast (or any technical geek for that matter), I’d recommend this place! I’m sure you will find something to look at, also…

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