Longboard Heaven


I managed to convince R that I HAD TO go shopping (I was in need of a new jumper and pair of shoes though) and so we did. Also, R has been talking about this long board shop for a-g-e-s and how we should pay it a visit. It must have been a coincidence that the shop was more or less where we were going today… Yeah, right.

I had been convinced that R’s description was a massive exaggeration  but he was pretty accurate with it. A nice industrial hall with graffiti on the walls, shelves reaching high up with all sorts of longboards and skateboards. And of course the accessory side of it – shirts, shoes, hats, you name it. What I found the most impressive thing, though, is that they have their own tiny skate park where you can chill and use some of their boards – a pretty good deal.

If you’re interested:

Maanweg 24
2516 AA Den Haag

PS. I did find what I needed

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