University is not relaxing. It is far from it, especially when you are getting closer and closer to the end of it all. Recently, I have felt my stress levels approaching the one’s of Britney Spears circa 2007 and that is bad considering that I just went to hairdressers (I am starting to dislike the colour more and more every day, by the way)…My problem is that normally I forget to look after myself. I keep on going and performing all sorts of tasks but then, oopsie, and I realise I am getting ill because I forgot to take time for myself and relax. Oh how I cannot wait to start with my thesis…

But luckily I have R to kick my ass… Today, he took me out and we went longboarding. Oh, how therapeutic it is! I am not that good at it yet but maybe that is exactly my saving grace: I have to concentrate so that I do not fall over and crack my head open. Being afraid of that definitely helps you to forget about everything else… There is also this big downhill part that we have been practising (more like R waiting at the bottom of the hill whilst I am afraid to take the leap of faith). Maybe one day!

Until then, what do you do for stress-relief?



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