Miss Morrison

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Miss Morrison is our pit stop on le Tour de Cafe. It is a cutesy cafe in the heart of Delft with a wide variety of coffees to choose from. The outside is not screaming at you so you definitely need to find this place. I am glad we did…

The customer-service is really friendly (shout-out to Martin) and they definitely want to make you feel welcome. The atmosphere is very nice with great attention put into detail (such as funky coat hangers and special pots for sugar). Every item in the store seemed to be well thought-through and everything had its place. There is even an LP-player in the corner of the cafe and you can choose which record to play! That is if you manage to get a seat in this small cafe…

There are only 5 small tables (for 1-2 persons) so you need to be lucky to find a place to sit (not ideal if you want to catch up with multiple friends). Maybe that is one of the reasons that people wanted their coffee to-go.  And the coffee was indeed tasty: they roast the beans themselves and it is all biological; even the ever-so-picky R was very pleased with his cup of double espresso! The prices are very decent, also: double espresso was 2 euros. And if you liked the cup of coffee you had, you could also buy the beans to take home. The shop part also includes teas, sandwich boxes (oh so Dutch) as well as mugs, coffee makers and so on…

However, the major downside for me in the store was the fact that they did not have any kind of substitute for cow milk (soya, lactose-free, and so on…). It may sound very picky but as a lactose-intolerant (or lactose-cripple as I like to call myself), it is a major turn-off. Hence, I had to go for tea. Although both Rooibos and Chai were delicious, there was not a lot of options to choose from: this place is a true house of coffee!

To make the image of ‘pure cafe’ even stronger, I would not recommend going in if you are hungry as they offer only snacks with your coffee (muffins, cookies and chocolate which is, by the way, local). Also, be prepared to no toilets!

In conclusion:

If you happen to be in Delft and want to have a relaxing moment away from the world whilst merely drinking a delicious cup of coffee, I would definitely recommend giving Miss Morrison a go!


Good stuff
+ Friendly customer-service
+ Relaxed atmosphere
+ Good music
+ Tasty coffee
+ Reasonable prices
Room for improvement
– No lactose-free milk
– Limited variety of tea
– Only 5 tables
– No customer toilet
– No lunch -option




Atmosphere: 8/10
Coffee score: 8.5/10
Overall score: 7.5/10


Want to visit?

Voorstraat 7
2611JJ Delft

Want to know more?

 www.missmorrison.nl (in Dutch)
Facebook: WithMissMorrison
Twitter: @_MissMorrison

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