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So! Hello!

How are y’all doing?! I know I have been a bit quiet apart from my daily photo posts. It is mainly because I have been so stressed out about my studies and I have also been thinking of the direction I want to go to with this blog; it is a rather new one, after all. However, I want to change my posting interval a bit.

Yesterday, I mentioned (What I was talking about) how inspired I was feeling and today is no exception. R and I have developed a small tradition of our own where every weekend we go longboarding for a while (as long as the weather permits it). When riding down the streets of Delft, we have noticed also that there are new cafes around every corner… Considering that Delft is not a big town, this is quite spectacular (or maybe we have become he hipster capital of South Holland?) but who can keep track of all of them…?

Until today, however, we have never popped into any of the cafes (so far we have merely been drooling through the window in a very creepy manner). Considering we drink ridiculous amounts of coffee (Finnish and Dutch people are some of the biggest consumers of coffee globally), this is ridiculous. Maybe that can be explained by the fact that R is very picky about the coffee he drinks while I, on the other hand, down anything I get in front of me (us Finns drink the most coffee in the world)… Okay okay, so what’s the point? So, today we tested the first one of the cafes and it was a very pleasant surprise. R and I decided that we will start a new small tradition of ours: we will not only longboard every week but we will also pop into one of those cafes… So why not write about it? I am more picky on the interior and atmosphere whilst R is picky on the quality of the coffee – those are more or less all the things people want to know about cafes anyway, right?

So from now on, I will be posting every Saturday/Sunday a post on that week’s pick together with photos as well as ratings on the beverages. If there is something else you would like to read about, suggestions are more than welcome! 🙂

So where did we go this week? Click here to find out what I thought about Miss Morrison…


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