You Are an Adult When….



I watched a video by Jenna Marbles the other day and she talked about things that makes her excited merely because she is an adult now… After that, I have started to think of all the things that I used to find boring yet appear to be oddly exciting today.

I definitely came across one: buying a smoothie maker. My old one broke well before Christmas and I was heartbroken (we had quite a bond) and today I came across a new one. I would probably have ordered one online ages ago but considering how crappy the delivery policies are in the Netherlands (who is seriously going to have time to stay home between 9 and 18 in case the delivery man appears. During weekdays…). Of course I was happy that I could buy it right there and right then. And it was on discount – holy moly!

Not only was it cheap (I am a cheap person…) but this time, I even got an upgrade as the machine makes the smoothie in a bottle that you can carry around. Just put the lid on and you are good to go! How exciting is that?!

See, the situation is getting out of control…


P.s. What do you get excited about?

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