Light at the End of the Tunnel…


Spring is coming or at least it was considering that temperatures keep on bouncing between -1 and +8 C (30 and 46 F), you cannot quite yet pack away the cosy warm winter jacket. Anywhoooo, the days have started to get longer, the sun has started to shine again and the wind and rain is somewhat calming down (seriously, have you ever been to the Netherlands in winter? It blows…)

What does this have to do with anything that has been going on today? I actually opened my curtains after a long while (they may not be very thick but at least they keep some of the cold away) and BOOM! What a difference. It’s nice to get some more light into the room. And the curtains look way nicer this way, also. Don’t you think? It makes it look like I have my sizzles together… Who knew that such a small thing made such a big difference!

Maybe the next step is to get some flowers onto the balcony and make that look all cozy. Or am I rushing a bit? Maybe I just want an excuse to go to IKEA again (man, I love that place)…

Is spring already coming where You live? Do you change things around when spring finally arrives?


One thought on “Light at the End of the Tunnel…

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