New Hoods in Delft…


I am very much of a all-or-nothing kind of a person.  When I get excited about something, it turns into passion/obsession: I truly get excited and that is definitely something that I will eat and breathe for quite some time. Conversely, when I do not really feel something, I definitely will not be doing it: okay, max once or twice. Maybe that is one of the reasons why my old blog died – it didn’t feel like me and I had absolutely zero motivation to keep on writing there!

Okay, what does this have to do with anything? (I feel like I am always asking that question hahaha) Longboarding has definitely become a thing to me. It is still challenging yet easy enough so that I do not get frustrated with it (did you also know that I get frustrated with things quite quickly and then I lose my interest).

Hence, R and I have been longboarding a lot. It is also a great way of getting to know my surroundings a lot better (I am not necessarily a big fan of walking and the situation with my back does not really allow running). Today, we did the longest continuous session so far: 1 h 45 min! Very exciting. And we made a tour in a park (I did not realise that Dutch parks have asphalt roads for walkers). Damn, Delft is such a pretty place! 🙂

What has been the highlight of your day?


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