Project ‘Eden’


I told you on Sunday that I was feeling extremely adultsy because I got excited over new appliances. Well, that feeling has struck me again (twice within a week – should I be worried?). This week, however, it has been all about my balcony…

Now, I have never been extremely talented at plants. As you can see in one of the photos, my gardening skills are rather poor. However, I have gotten better at keeping things (apart from myself (alive). In late 2014, I got myself a plant and swore that I would keep Don Quixote alive for longer than a month. And oh boy, he is still alive on my living room table as seen in Monday’s picture (seriously, who names their plants?)…

This time, my excitement is over gardening. Well, balcony gardening… This time, I have decided to size-up with my challenge. This time, I want to turn my balcony into an Eden. Okay, maybe I have a bit too high expectations. Realistically speaking, instead of swimming in waterfalls and seeing green everywhere, I do not want to hang out on a piece of concrete with less than beautiful railings (photo evidence available above). But I have a healthy amount of self-confidence that I can do this (as well as Google and my mum’s help at hand). We shall see what happens on the weekend when I actually will step into a gardening store…

Do you like gardening or know anything about it? Or do you happen to be just as useless at it as I am? 


4 thoughts on “Project ‘Eden’

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