Afternoon in Leiden


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R and I made yet another longboarding trip. This time, however, we were cruising on the streets of Leiden. Located between The Hague and Amsterdam, Leiden is a city of 190,000 people and therefore bigger than Delft. Similarly to every old town in the Netherlands, Leiden is full of old buildings, churches and canals.

Saturday is also generally a market day when the streets are full of people buying food and clothes from small stands along the canals. Maybe that is why we aimed for the side-streets and alleyways of the town and I am glad we did! I am not sure what it is about old buildings but they make me very inspired.

When it Leiden, it is also close to impossible to escape from the marks of the Wall Poem Project where 101 poems were painted in various languages on the walls of the town. We managed to catch around 10 of them but now I cannot wait to go back and go on a hunt for the remaining 91 of them!

As we only spent a few hours in the city, I cannot give the most detailed description of the must see spots. However, I would recommend checking out the Burcht: castle on a hill that provides a great 360 view of the city!


In conclusion, Leiden may not be the most longboard-friendly city due to its cobblestone streets but it is definitely a beautiful city with various hidden gems. The best way to get around is by foot and without a map: the centre is not enormous and by getting lost, you end up finding the best spots! Maybe try, finding all the 101 poems?


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