Roast and Toast

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On le Tour de Cafe, Roast and Toast was a happy encounter during our trip to Leiden. Located in an alleyway close to the Burcht van Leiden, Roast & Toast is a cute little cafe with a-m-a-z-i-n-g coffee and plants. Loads and loads of plants..


The cafe was ran by two girls who were friendly and chatty. The place was spacious and very clinically tidy which is not necessarily my cup of tea: I am more of a cozy-kinda girl. However, there were plants on each and every table which made the place slightly cosier.

Also, the wall at the back of the cafe  was to die for: full of potted plants (some edible, some merely decoration), it brought a lovely pop of colour to the cafe. A big bonus for the toilet available for customers! However, the cafe seems to be mainly girl-friendly: none of the magazines were of interest to male readers…


Dutch cafes seem to suffer from the shape of the old building: depth yet barely any width, it is challenging to come up with a good seating plan. We definitely had the best spot in the cafe as we were seated in front of the window (who does not like people watching and pondering where all the people are coming from and going to?) but the other customers had to sit in rows staring at the wall. Not ideal for catching up with friends.



Kudos to Roast and Toast, they had soya milk, meaning that I was able to enjoy a cup of cappuccino instead of tea whilst R was sipping his usual double espresso. According to R, the double espresso was well made (crema was very much present) with a great taste and a pleasing after taste. However, there was no small glass of water provided with the cup. I was mainly happy that I was finally able to drink coffee again so from my side, the comments will stay at short.

As an avid lover of orange juice, the place offered some of the best freshly squeezed glass of orange juice I have ever tasted. The structure was airy and I would most closely describe it as creamy. How on earth can juice be creamy? Don’t ask me, it just was. I also had a conversation with one of the girls on whether the juice was too sweet or not (she was not a big fan of it) but I was pleased.


As a great bonus, Roast and Toast offers various options for breakfast and lunch. The menu includes home-made and delicious-looking cakes and sandwiches. Unfortunately, I did not end up trying any of them as I had just had lunch somewhere else.


Roast and Toast does not suffer from high prices: for instance, both cappuccino and double espresso were 2.35e whilst a cup of tea would cost you 1.85e. The price-quality balance is definitely on point!


Roast and Toast is a great spot for people who love to have a quiet moment: try catching the window seats if you can! With friendly customer-service, great quality coffee and the best plant wall in town, Roast and Toast is a must-visit cafe in Leiden!


Good stuff
+ Soya milk
+ Reasonable prices
+ Customer toilet
+ Amazing coffee
+ Lunch
Room for improvement
– No water with espresso
– Music
– Seating arrangements
– Girliness




Atmosphere: 7.5/10
Coffee score: 9/10
Overall score: 8/10


Want to visit?

Burgsteeg 3
2312 JR Leiden

Want to know more?

Facebook: Roast and Toast
Tel. +31 (0) 6 3041 2770


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