Gardening for Dummies


Yesterday, I laid a super ‘real’ matt of grass on the balcony (okay, maybe I just told R where to put things) and put plants in outdoor pots (this one I really did myself!). However, as mentioned, the sun had set a long time before I had finished with everything.

I may have made myself chuckle for running back home from lectures just so that I could step to the next part of Project Eden: sowing seeds. I went to Gamma (DIY store in the Netherlands) and bought some seed packages for herbs as well as some vegetables. As I am a newbie to the world of  gardening, I decided to go for something that seemed easy. The packages included everything you need to get started from the soil to seeds as well as mini greenhouses for the plants – handy, ehh?!

According to the instructions, it will take quite some time until I can see any results let alone picking the first tomatoes (my Dutch may not be the best but at least I understood the message). Along the way, I will have to move the plants in bigger boxes but for now, I am hopeful. Maybe this “Gardening for dummies”-starter package will actually work. Is gardening really this addictive?

Do you have any experience from growing your own vegetables? Or are you also a newbie just like me? 

Agriculture Dum-dum

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