Galerie ‘Uit De Kunst’

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R has lived in Delft for nearly 9 years during which he has never been to a cafe called Galerie ‘Uit De Kunst’. However, he has been interested in doing so for as long as he has lived here. At the first sight, Uit De Kunst does indeed seem intriguing with a lot of bits and bobs. However, during a cup of coffee, your opinion may change…


The cafe is slightly confusing when you first walk in. In front of you, you can see a colourful piece of jungle brought indoors whilst to your right you have a boutique with shoes, bags and clothing. When you walk a bit further in, to your left you have a dim room with a coffee machine as well as an entrance to the front room. The people working in there were not necessarily the nicest yet you cannot call them rude either – just mind your own business.

I would not call myself a germophobe but the place is definitely not the cleanest cafe on earth. There was quite some cob webs around and the fact that people had their dogs roaming freely was slightly annoying. Although the place has two parrots (which are cute), I got quite concerned about the cleanness that they bring. I used to have 4 parrots also and I was all the time scared that something would get dirty because of them. Additionally, plates with cracks in them or  slightly unclean spoons are not necessarily selling factors to me… Maybe I am a start of a germophobe after all?


One of the selling points of Uit De Kunst is definitely its seating capacity! I also like how the cafe is divided into two sections: at the front, you have a bit darker venue with plenty of seating whilst at the back you have the jungle which seemed to be the place to go (the front was completely empty when we arrived). R and I got lucky and found a spare table at the back.

Because of the wide variety of tables from tiny to humongous, I could recommend the place for a larger group of friends. The garden section was full of laughter which, I think, speaks for itself.



Once again, no soya milk. Honestly speaking, I am starting to feel like it will be impossible to find spots that could cater for the needs of lactose cripples such as myself… Nevertheless, I decided to go for a black coffee and that was a mistake. Although the cup was of a decent size, the taste was very bitter and I had a hard time finishing it whilst R, the self-claimed, had a watery double espresso tasting more like a coffee than what the menu said. It came in a regular size coffee cup filled all the way to the top which should not be the case, right?


Uit De Kunst provides quite some selection of food and I decided to give a slice of cheesecake a go ( I can handle cheese better than regular milk). White chocolate cheesecake was definitely not my favourite or maybe I have been spoilt in the past. Meanwhile, R’s cheese toast was heavenly


Considering the quality, the drinks were rather expensive: 2 and 3 euros for a coffee and double espresso, respectively. Also the toast and cake were not the cheapest but the taste made up for the prices.


Gallerie Uit De Kunst is indeed an intriguing cafe with a lot of random articles collected over the years. Less than average coffee with doable prices, Uit De Kunst is the place for the adventurous folk. However, I would definitely not recommend it to a germophobe as it may make you run out screaming and feeling like you need an extra shower tonight after all.


Good stuff
+ Plenty of space
+ Colourful
+ Customer toilet
+ Good toast
Room for improvement
– No soya milk
– Cleanness
– Coffee




Atmosphere: 5/10
Coffee score: 6/10
Overall score: 5.5/10


Want to visit?

Oude Delft 140
2611 CG Delft

Want to know more?
Tel. +31 (0) 15 212 1319


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