Happiness is…



My two favourite twos: I play with #2 and my new headphones, Marshall Major II

When you have been battling with back pain and you are about to drown in school work as well as over all stress, it is especially important to be able to find happiness in the small things. Today has been a success in that frontier…

Today started the same way as all those memes about Mondays: I nearly slept in and once I made it to the first meeting of the day (for which I had to travel for an hour), it happened to run over time and I therefore missed my second meeting of the day as well as my only lecture of the day. Normally, this would mean that I am crying and panicking (I am obviously great at handling setbacks)…

From somewhere (I am still trying to figure where from), however,  I managed to find strength and instead changed the plan for the whole day (I am not a spontaneous person) and headed back to Rotterdam (did you read about my trip yesterday?). I also may have mentioned 2 months-or-so ago that my headphones broke. Ever since I have been stranded with R’s pair as I have been on a hunt for another pair. Easier said than done.

But today I found a pair (Marshall Major II if any of you are interested) that I could both approve and afford, and so far I am more than happy with them. Shout out to Cool Blue for great service (they get you tea and coffee and are super friendly!). Damn it feels nice to be able to listen to music again without the fear that something will happen to R’s headphones (I am also more on the clumsy side). Happiness is…

Then comes the best part. Anyone who ever played sports probably knows the feeling when you are super tired before training and are contemplating whether to go to practice or to stay at home and sleep. That was me today and knowing the history with my back, I was so close to staying home. However, I did drag myself out of the door and went to the pool. Not only did I do that but today marks the first day this year when I managed to complete the whole training without any major pain. I am so glad I went. Happiness is!

How was your day?



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