Crazy Cat Lady in the Making



They are so darn cute!

Thursdays are boring. Thursdays are long. Thursdays are actually pretty exhausting…

And as I am such a well-functioning young woman, Thursday evenings regularly mean that I get home and spend the evening watching YouTube-videos, and more than often, those videos turn out to be about cats. Maybe it is me making up for my withdrawal symptoms as  my family has had cats for as long as I remember. I mean being a cat-sitter lasted only for a week so I need to come up with something, right?

Okay, what does this have to do with anything, once again? Well, I suppose it is remotely related to the fact that I was discussing with my project mates today how I would love to have my own cat again but unfortunately I live in a block of flats and quite high up which not necessarily the best place for a kitty to live in… And while I am waiting to find a slightly more permanent living solution (or even country), I shall keep on dedicating Thursdays to cat videos.


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