Good Friday


Firstly, the Dutch version of Good Friday is a bit mind-boggling to me. In my home country, Finland, it is a day off and when people calm down for Easter. I come from a church-going family and I grew up spending the most of Good Friday in church. Even during my days in England (did I ever mention that I used to live in England), it was a holiday. However, in the Netherlands, Good Friday is a day just like any other: you go to work and life goes on. And to make sure it was impossible to take a break, the exams are scheduled to start a week after Easter because majority of people just do not care. Well, why do I not go to church then?

Funnily enough, I am Eastern Orthodox. However, between different Eastern Orthodox churches, there are different calendar in use: whilst all other Orthodox churches around the world follow the old-school (Julianic) calendar, the Finnish Orthodox Church follows the modern (Gregorian) calendar. This is because we comprise only 2% of the population in Finland (majority of the nation is Lutheran) and, therefore, it is merely just practical to do so. However, this means that Easter is calculated differently: the rest of the world will be celebrating East this weekend (amongst them the Finnish Orthodox) but the rest of the Orthodox community will celebrate it only at the end of April. Can you already guess what the problem is? Hint: I happen to live in a country where the members of the Orthodox community are not Finnish yet I want to respect my roots and celebrate Easter at the same time as my family…

Because of this all, I have to improvise a bit. Tomorrow, I shall be going to church in the evening (as a replacement of the Easter Liturgy is held at night on Saturday) and I shall be celebrating on Sunday although the rest of the Dutch Orthodox do not. Improvised indeed…

So what did my Friday include then? It did not start that good as I accidentally dropped my favourite mirror. However, towards the end, it started to get slightly nicer. I finally found the time to separate the tiny tomatoes into a larger bucket (my gosh there’s a lot of them!). However, I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with the carrots. Not only is there a sh*t ton (a new SI unit right there) of them but also, I literally do not know how to handle carrots (are you supposed to transfer them into a bigger bucket or not?)!

My strategy of believing that half of the plants will die anyway obviously did not work as I thought it would (Rucola definitely died, though). This is good but I am slowly starting to run into problems with space. Where am I supposed to put all these plants? Maybe I should start dealing them?

I would like to see the look on people’s faces when a college student from the Netherlands goes around asking if people wanted to buy some plants from a home garden… I doubt that they would expect it to be actual veggies…


Plants are growing and I am getting to Easter feels. Maybe not a Good Friday but after all, today was a good Friday.

Do you celebrate Easter? What are your Easter traditions? I would love to hear!

And do you perhaps know what to do with a carrot plantation? I would like some help! 


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