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After visiting Miss Morrison as well as Roast and Toast, I started to think that it was impossible to make a terrible cup of coffee. Since last week, however, my opinion has started to change and I have come to realise that we got incredibly lucky with the first two cafes. On our list next was a a cafe in Rotterdam: Stroop that prides itself for serving freshly made stroopwafels. Want to know more? Then keep on reading…


When walking in, I could not say I felt very welcome. There were three people working and they were not really paying attention to in-coming customers but merely had a conversation with each other. After ordering at the till and sitting down, you could not help but notice how the boy behind the bar had his pants down like a real gangsta. At least he was wearing a clean pair of boxers…

The cafe was originally established as a pop-up store in 2013 but it has kept on going for 3 years. Hence, one has quite some expectations when visiting. The place has a lot of peculiar things to look at: indie artists’ work and a small shop with more or less all the things you did not think you needed as well as a fake fireplace together with a pile of books you are allowed to read as well as opera playing in the background. The place sports even an amateur theatre of some sort. Although the decent variety of boardgames is a welcomed addition, it feels as if something was missing… Maybe I am just not hipster enough to appreciate the place?


In the past, I have been complaining about the lack of space in Dutch cafes. However, Stroop was  located in a rather new building and, therefore, it had plenty of seating area. Brilliant! At least on a Sunday, it was not too busy and you had plenty of choice for seating. The music was not too loud so you could have very well catch up with your friends or alternatively hit the books.



I was beyond excited that Stroop had soya milk, at least I was able to enjoy a cappuccino and, honestly speaking, it was not the worst one I have had in my life. On the other hand, R’s espresso received A for effort: with a weird after taste and a stomach ache later on during the day, it definitely did not make it to the Espresso Hall of Fame. This was a shame considering that the expensive machinery of Stroop failed to outperform some 30-euro espresso machines.


Although Stroop offers also options for lunch, we headed there merely for the stroopwafels. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of stroopwafels: they consist of very thin waffle split in two and glued back together with syrup or caramel – delicious!

However, the waffles at Stroop failed to impress. Firstly, neither of the traditional flavours were offered and the flavours on menu were rather…interesting: bacon, lemon, cinnamon and so on… As I opted for the lemon and R for cinnamon, I was incapable of finishing a stroopwafel for the very first time in my life!


Considering the quality, stroop has definitely high prices: 2-2.5 euros for the waffle (normally you can get an enormous one for 1.25e at the market) and 2.5e for a mehh cup of cappuccino is a bit too much to ask. And when paying for the whole ordeal after 2 hours of board games, the workers did not know what we had been drinking and eating. Not sure if I was to call that professional…


Stroop has potential to be great: the idea with waffles, big space and not a terrible location. However, it fails to deliver.


Good stuff
+ Soya milk
+ Customer toilet
+ Board games
+ Load of space
Room for improvement
– Stroopwafels
– Customer service
– Coffee
– Overly priced
– Far from centre of Rotterdam




Atmosphere: 6/10
Coffee score: 5/10
Overall score: 5.5/10


Want to visit?

Mathenesserweg 21b,
3027 HD Rotterdam

Opening times:

Thursday   10.00-18.00
Friday         10.00-20.00
Saturday    10.00-18.00
Sunday       12.00-18.00

Want to know more?

Tel. +31 (0) 6 1973 0757


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