Flower Girl



Campus is blooming also


Gerberas are my favourite flowers


Fifty shades of rose

Today was definitely a lot more successful in terms of studying. Not that I am anywhere close to being on schedule with my original plan but hey, little progress is better than no progress! Studying went even so well that I did not take pictures (or pay attention to my surroundings for that matter) until the evening when I had to do some groceries (girls gotta eat)…

In the store, I realised how I have really gotten into flowers. In the past, I was embracing plastic flowers as those were the only plants I was not capable of killing. Today, thins are different:veggies in my room are doing great (I’ll update you on that at some point) and even the flowers are somewhat alive. Honestly, I enjoy having plants and I am always checking out the prices for flowers (as a student I cannot afford buying them though) and dude I wish I had them. Even when they are all the shades of red (I am known to being a disliker of red and lover of turquoise). What has gotten into me?


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