Have you ever felt like the odd one out? Have you ever been too young or too old to fit in? Too big or too skinny? Too weird or even too normal? That your sense of humour was not accepted? That no matter what you did, it was always the wrong way? Did it make you learn to keep everything in: both the joy and sadness? To let it all pile up?

Then you probably know that volcanoes are deemed to erupt. And once that happens, only the anger and the sadness come out. And that sight is not beautiful. Not only are those eruptions ugly but also exhausting. They make you feel even worse than you felt before because, although now you have shown people your feelings, the only feeling you were capable of showing was anger. Who is going to like that person?

You become so protective of yourself and the remaining bits of your self-worth that you snap at everything and everyone. Yet, the same time, you will feel ashamed of that behaviour. Finally, it makes you walk with your head down so the only things you will see are your feet and the tarmac. Life becomes a chore.

But then, one day, there will be a person who will be patient. They do not only hear you but, most importantly, they will listen to you. They will let you finish your sentence and they will give you the time you need to let you explain what is going on in that little head of yours. They are not going to undermine your feelings or tell you how you should feel.

They may never be able to be in your shoes and feel the exact same feelings as you feel but still, they manage to make you feel like you have been listened to. They do not tell you to look up and see the sky, they make you realise that there is more than your shoes and the tarmac to see. They make you feel that you have been understood and that everything will be okay. That you are not alone.

Today, I finally looked up.


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