Today has been the most successful day in terms of studying and I would argue that locking myself up in the library for 12 hours is the thing to thank for it. However, the books are not the main focus of today’s picture (speaking of pictures, I really need to start feeling more comfortable with taking pictures in front of people. Why am I so fussed about it?). Anyway. While studying, I tend to drink coffee. And I mean a lot of coffee and today was no different apart from the fact that it was served by a very special person. And I do not think that the person really knows…

In October 2014, merely 2 months after starting my studies at my current institution, I was all ready to drop out. Not because the study did not interest me or because I was not smart enough. I wanted to quit because I thought I was not good enough.Similarly to today, I was in the library that day, studying for my exams and boy had I shed some tears. I thought I was not good enough for the university and that I should just quit.

But as I am a coffeeholic, I would get one more coffee before going home. And there he was, this annoyingly happy barista who was bubbly, talkative and friendly: everything that I definitely was not. Not that day. But hey, I could just go and get the coffee and mind my own business, right?

There I was, standing and waiting for him to prepare my coffee, looking down to my shoes and minding my business as planned. But then that barista started talking to me. Not only talking but asking questions and claiming he wanted to make me smile. The questions were shot with such an interval that I was not capable of looking down or hiding my teary eyes and whenever I looked at him, there it was: that annoyingly happy smile. And when he handed me the coffee cup with a beautiful flower made with the foam he said something in the lines of “you will kick ass”. With such a simple gesture, he made my life better.

I may not have kicked ass in that exam but he made me stay and in the process, he made an ever-lasting impression. He may know a lot about me but I, on the other hand, know nothing about him. All I know is that whenever I see him, I remember the day we first met and how he convinced me to kick ass, and I cannot help but smile. I would like to thank him for that.

Drew Dudley would call this a lollipop moment. He is a leadership educator who has given one of the greatest TED talks that I can recall. It is not only about making a change in people’s lives with the small actions but also about letting people know when they have changed your life. In just a few minutes, he tells his personal story: the lollipop moment. You can watch the video from here.

Have you ever had a lollipop moment? Did you ever tell the person about it?


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