Boulangerie Michel

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So far, le Tour de Cafe has been full of ups and downs in terms of quality. This week, we returned to Delft and visited a French bakery right in the heart of the city. With its amazing food and okay coffee, Boulangerie Michel falls somewhere in between the scale from the past weeks…


Boulangerie Michel is filled with natural light which makes it attractive to visit. The interior is also very simplistic which reminds me of Roast and Toast in Leiden. The workers were friendly and the food arrived reasonably fast so we did not have to starve – no one wants to see hangry Hanna. I also like it how Boulangerie Michel stays true to its Frenchness: you can buy French items such as chocolate and foie gras.

The only annoying thing was The Door: the cafe is located in an old building and the door is quite crooked so it kept on opening. This would not be a problem but it is not yet that warm in Delft and we were seated right next to the door. As a result, I ended up being cold the whole time.


Majority of the tables were located at the back of the cafe. However, all of them were taken so we took seats at the front: I do not mind people watching! There are quite some decent size tables but on a Saturday, you need to get lucky for a spot: we saw plenty of people walking in an out because there were no seats left.



Once again, there was soya milk – bravo! However, I was not feeling like drinking coffee and wanted to opt for a hot chocolate instead which turned out to be impossible as the hot chocolates are ready-made and come with regular milk. As a backup plan, I ordered a glass of orange juice which was not my favourite drink so far. On the other hand, R’s double espresso was not terrible but it failed to reach the level of a genuine cafe. It is understandable as Michel prides itself as a bakery. However, espresso should always be served with a small glass of water…


Now, food is something that Michel can pride itself for. We ordered frittatas with aubergine, sundried tomatoes and cheese – super delicious! Also, it was a pleasant surprise that the whole beauty was served with salad and some home-made baguette. Honestly speaking, only eating the baguette takes you to France and back.  A lot of people seemed to walk into the bakery and buying them (and other bread) to go. I could see myself become one of those people also. The bread from Michel is simply amazing!


The price of food at Michel is definitely not low. I do not mind paying for a good quality meal but considering the size of the meal, the prices would hinder me from returning: after all, I am a student and money does not grow in trees. The price-quality relationship with the coffee was slightly crooked: 2.20 for a mehh espresso is tad bit too much.


Boulangerie Michel is a cute French bakery right in the heart of Delft with delicious bread and possibility for lunch. However, there is room for improvement before they can advertise themselves as a cafe.


Good stuff
+ Food!
+ Soya milk
+ Free WiFi
+ Load of space
Room for improvement
– Coffee
– No lactose-free hot choco
– The door
– Prices


Atmosphere: 7.5/10
Coffee score: 6/10
Overall score: 6.75/10


Want to visit?

Oude Kerkstraat 4
2611 HT Delft

Opening times:

Monday      Closed
Tue-Sat      8.00-17.00
Sun              8.00-15.00

Want to know more?

Website: Boulangerie Michel 
Facebook: Boulangerie Michel Delft
Tel. +31 (0) 15 737 0492

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