While procrastinating, I have been photographing the random stuff that R has in his flat…

Hey peeps!

Since yesterday, the weather has definitely turned back into something more Dutch: rainy. However, my life has not changed a whole lot: I am still preparing for exams. Well, at least trying to. I cannot wait until next Monday and being done with exams. My main source of motivation is that if I manage to pass all the exams from this quarter, I will have merely one (1, uno, yksi, ett, één) exam left in my life. If that does not work as motivation, I have no clue what will! I mean sure, I will still have my thesis to take care of but there are no exams when it comes to that. Quite a change that will be!

Speaking of changes, I have been re-thinking this blog. I have been thinking about the structure of this blog. I know that I created it partly in order to keep track of my Project 366. That has not change. However, I am already doing that on Instagram and there are different things that I would like to write about in more detail than what I post on my Instagram. It is not that I do not enjoy writing on my blog but writing daily is definitely consuming more of my time than I was hoping for. And some days I do not even have a whole lot to say!

I am sure that some of you have noticed that I have started to post quite late at night each day. The only thing that makes that an issue is the fact that I like to sleep. So what should I change in order to address all these first world problems of mine? Well, I was thinking of changing the structure of the blog:

  • Firstly, I will not be posting daily anymore. If you want to see what is up with my Project 366, you can follow me on Instagram: @hanshuu.
  • Secondly, when I will post, it will be more themed so that not only You, my beloved reader, but also I can keep track of what on earth is going on in here. Writing a blog is all about developing your style and that is what I am trying to go for.

But how will this blog work from now on, then? 

Funny that you asked because I have given it a thought. I will still aim to post 3-4 times a week and the posts will keep on posting le Tour de Cafe as usual. However, I will start a new segment on Health (I will discuss this later on) and potentially, once per week about random things, such as Home (e.g. Project Eden), Travel and so on.

To keep this blog still therapeutic to myself, I also want to share with you how I am doing and what the week has included – just like I did with my daily pictures. However, I will be posting updates about Life only once per week in order to keep it interesting for both you and me.

Lastly, this blog will be become a bit more quiet for the remainder of the week. I really want to pass those exams, you know…


Yesterday on the balcony and today wearing wool socks indoors – typical Netherlands. 

I hope you guys are doing well and that you can understand my reasoning.



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