My Relationship With Food


I think this walk was more about taking photos of flowers than actual exercise

Hey y’all!

Firstly, I would like to say that the amount of support I have received through email, texts and Facebook with regards to my Tuesday’s post is quite overwhelming: a) it makes me happy that there is someone out there reading my blog and b) that some of those people can at least partly relate to the posts. It brings me joy that I am not alone in this. That being said, shall we get to the topic?

From now on, I will try to blog about my progress weekly. The posts will include two parts: numbers on my progress, such as weight and BMI. At the end, I love statistics and keeping track of things.

Most importantly, however, I want to talk about whatever has been on my mind in terms of health, that week. As much as I appreciate having R to support me with this all, I think I should be talking to someone else about these things too so that our personal conversations do not merely revolve around my health choices. Today, I would like to start with this.

My relationship with food

I think the biggest cause of failure during my previous 100 attempts of losing weight has been the fact that I have abandoned my old lifestyle completely and hopped into a new, fad, one overnight without giving any thought to whether it made sense or not. Therefore, I think it is time to approach the problem from this absurd new perspective: being honest of what I am like as a person and adapting my diet to those requirements.

             Stress and emotional eating

I get stressed out relatively often. That is mainly because I worry about everything and everyone, and and once I start stressing out, I tend to fill myself with food. The same goes for me being emotional (I am sure that I am not the only one with this!). Realistically, I do not think I can really fight against this feeling. But I can affect what I eat.

I know what kind of situations get me stressed out and what time of the day I am most likely to be binging. I can try to prepare healthier snacks in advance so in the case of massive urge to eat anything, I will be going for the healthier options. But if I am urging some junk (crisps are my favourite), I do not deprive myself from them. Instead of eating the whole bag, I could have a cup or something similar. I know it is not healthy but depriving myself from crisps will ensure that crisps shall be the only thing I will think about.

             How to say no?

I have no difficulties with knowing when it is time to stop drinking alcohol. However, if you offer me food and say I can have as much as I want, I will not be able to stop. This is definitely something I will need to work on. I have already gotten better at telling myself at home how to say no which is a victory in itself! However, in the past, my attempt of avoiding binding from happening was to avoid eating out or anywhere else but home where I had my food scale. As a result, I have missed celebrations with friends and family and looking back, it definitely was not worth it.

I think, for now, the best strategy would be to go to those parties. As those gatherings generally take place in the evenings and weekends, being smart about it would be to make the day’s earlier meals lighter and think about what I am having earlier in the week. I mean, I plan everything in my life so it is NOT that these parties come as a surprise.


I am an avid coffee drinker which has probably been embedded in me through my Finnish DNA. I started drinking coffee by having hot chocolate mixed with some coffee once a day. Over the years, it slowly developed into 6 cups of black coffee per day. However, at some point, my stomach was not able to handle black coffee anymore and I started drinking cappucinos and all the fancy stuff.

One cappucino with soy milk has 60 calories and my guilty pleasure, latte macchiato with a shot of caramel, has 200 calories already in a small cup. Double this by 6 and the amount of calories I down each day is ridiculous! Instead of giving up coffee (which is no possible to start with), I think I should make the fancy drinks more of a treat than an every day occurence. For example, I will leave the fancy pantsy macchiatos for le Tour de Cafe while for the rest of the day I enjoy some less calory-rich drinks!


The weight I have gained is not the result of a single meal. Conversely, my weight will not be replaced by well-being over night so I might as well get used to some speed bumps. If I am craving for crisps, I will have some crisps. If I am invited for dinner, I will not say no because I am afraid of what the scale will tell me in the morning. The world will not end and I will get over it, the progress will only be slightly slower. Next week, I will be talking about food a bit more…



I have never been as heavy in my life and I do not think I am quite comfortable with sharing exact figures publicly. I will, however, mention my BMI and way my body is built. My friend L has also decided to go towards a healthier lifestyle and she is joining me on the progress. She was also kind enough to let me borrow her scale that goes beyond in the functions of a regular scale: it gives you an indication of your body fat, the fluids in your body as well as muscles and bones. I am not sure about the accuracy of the scale but using the same device throughout the journey gives at least an indication of how my body is changing:

BMI             33.6
Body Fat    37.4%
Fluids         45.6%
Muscle        32.6%
Bones         9.9 kg

Lost weight 0 KG / 0 Lbs

Officially, I am obese but at least I am doing something about it.


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