2 ways to use a pallet

Hey guys!

It has been silent again for a week. This week has been crazy busy with studies (I am definitely not used to 9-hour-long days anymore). It is also annoying because the weather has been amazing the whole week and whenever I get back home, I am either too tired to do anything OR it starts to rain. However, this weekend, my goal was to do something for Project Eden and I am very much pleased of how far I have gotten…

Last week, I showed a picture of a pallet and asked if you guessed what I was planning on using it for. Badamz, I did use it for something – actually, I even used two! I have been so handy dandy that I definitely want to pat my own shoulder!

Similarly to my gardening skills, I know close to zero about woodwork apart from a few classes in primary school and those days when I was peeking over my dads shoulder when he was working on his cool projects. Therefore, I wanted to keep it simple and oh boy, these things are so easy that even I could not mess it up:

They may not be the prettiest bunch but hey, I am a student and I am trying to spare every penny I can! Also, as already mentioned, I do not know a whole lot about building things myself. Maybe in the future, I would like to add some colour on the pallet but for now, it will do. My plant babies needed a new home that was NOT half of my bedroom.

Also, a few words about Project Eden… As you may see, the tomatoes seem to be dying in the picture above. However, that is only because I took the pictures directly after repotting. I kid you not, they are doing well now (they really refuse to die)! I repotted the big lot today and it seems like the stems always get a culture shock from their new environment and go down for a couple of hours. Now, they are doing better than ever!

I must say that I really like the way the balcony is starting to look. It is not my dream balcony but it is definitely an improvement from the past. Now that the balcony is getting somewhere, maybe it is time to concentrate again on the insides of this apartment of mine…

Now off to supermarket to get some yummy for my shrinking tummy!

What does your dream balcony/garden look like?


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