Visuals of the Week

Hey peeps!

I may have finished posting pictures daily but I also said that I would start posting a summary of my week, merely as photos. Here we go, 18th-24th April:



I spent the whole day outdoors for uni and definitely got sunburnt. Ouch.



Visiting the faculty of architecture. This place is so weird.



Wednesday is the new Monday. My lettuce wanted to become a gymnast with all them flips but failed miserably. I did manage to try save it (do not ask me how) just to accidentally kicking it over again.



Of course the sun is shining when you are stuck indoors…



Because it is amazing to come home on a Friday afternoon and see that your plants have grown like crazy. Where are them tomatoes?!



The weekend was actually pretty efficient! I went to the market to get some vegetables and had a stroll around Delft city centre. The picture is from one of my favourite spots in the city: there is something so symphatetic about the trees and the water mill.

P.S. My face is definitely peeling in a very nasty manner…



Am I the only one who finds organising things therapeutic? On Saturday, I concentrated on the balcony and on Sunday, it was all about the indoors. Here, is an example of my make-up and how I organised it. Imagine me doing this to the rest of the room…

Would you like to have a peek of what the rest of my room looks like?


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