What is in my grocery bag?

Hey peeps!

Previous week has been quite something in terms of my health project. University started with a bang and I spent 9 hours each day on campus working on a project: classical setting for me giving up healthy lifestyle and ending up binging on junk from vending machines. I also have not had the time/energy to exercise in the evening so I was scared that my weight would just sky rocket. However (!!! I am so happy to say that I was capable of saying this), I have managed actually lose weight over the past 1.5 weeks by the way I have been eating. And no, I do not mean starving myself. Actually, I think I am eating a ton of food (at least when compared to the previous times when I was trying to lose weight and I was starving myself).

Victory! But. Wait!

What do I actually eat then?

Plant stuff (you know, fruit, veg and stuff)

By greens, I do not mean merely salad so no worries mama! But I have added a lot more vegetables to my diet. I admit that in the past, I was mainly eating potatoes and pasta (I bet this is familiar to most students) whereas now I am putting a lot more effort into adding various vegetables. I still eat carbs (mmmmmm, pasta) but maybe I am not going so crazy with it all.  I have also started to eat quinoa which has not been disappointing me (it is a great source of protein also)!

I think you should know that I am a very lazy chef. I have always seen food as merely fuel to keep me going until the next meal. Hence, I have not given much of a thought to the things I have put in my mouth.

However, when given the chance, I would always go for (mainly vegetarian) Mexican food. I love Mexican food which is not easy to come by in Europe (especially if you want a healthy version of it). This whole lifestyle adaptation has given me a boost to try and cook those foods myself. So far it is going well (although I keep on forgetting to put the beans to soak 24 hours before planning on eating them). We shall see if I stay enthusiastic about this all for long, though. Let’s be honest, I will never become a humongous foodie.

As a final note, as much as I hate admitting it, I have started to eat oatmeal (my dad must be laughing his butt off right now). I have been traumatised by oatmeal from my childhood but I have started to see why my dad eats it every single morning. However, I find the tast (and structure) close to disgusting (thanks to traumas). To tackle this, I add honey and blueberries with it (highly recommended if you find oatmeal porridge yucky)!

Processed with VSCO



At least in the world of interwebs, being vegetarian and vegan has started to catch more and more attention. I do acknowledge the issues that meat production causes in terms of sustainability and what not. However, I would be lying if I said I was ready to commit to such a lifestyle. I do, after all, like some meat on my plate.

But instead of stuffing my mouth with sausages, I have started to consider decreasing the amount of red meat and looking into eating more lean meat when it comes to poultry and fish. 6/7 mornings, I eat eggs for breakfast with some turkey ham (+ some other stuff) and I am definitely not ready to give this up.


My lactose-intolerance is getting gradually worse and I think I have been stupid for going on with eating dairy products for this long. Back in Finland, I had no trouble drinking milk and eating cheese but nowadays, I get massive ache in my stomach for eating dairy products. This is why I have started an experiment where I try to avoid milk, yoghurt (sadness), cheese (more sadness), cream and all that. I hope that it will make my stomach hurt less. Although, I do not drink a lot of milk any more but I definitely need to find a delicious way of replacing cheese and yoghurt. Soya just tastes yack. Any suggestions?


I am feeling a lot better. To be honest, I am proud of myself. I have no lost a ton of weight and my obesity is yet to be gone but I am working on it which gives me energy. Also the fact that I have not been able to exercise a whole lot YET I have lost weight without starving myself is making me feel empowered (a word that I thought I would never use haha). However, I have lost quite some weight in comparison to last week. I know that the recommendations talk about 0.5-1 kg (1-2 lbs) per week but I suppose that in a situation with a lot of over weight, you start losing weight faster.

Lost weight 1.5 KG / 3.3 Lbs

What do YOU put on your plate?

I hope you will have a great week!


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