Progress: tired yet happy

Hey peeps!

I hope you are having a great week! Here we go again, talking about weight… I know that I posted the most recent progress update only a couple days ago but just so you know, the official weighing was (and always is) done on Wednesday. Maybe I should get a grip and start actually posting about the progress the day it happens…

Tired but happy

Tired but happy as there is progress…

Overall, I am feeling pretty happy. I have started to do pilates once a week and I am really liking it and how it does not hurt my back. This is rather ironic as I used to think that it was stupid and not a proper exercise (oh how wrong I was). Although I am also walking up all the stairs I can see (I used to always take the lift), I am still not exercising a whole lot (thanks to the full school schedule) but my next week’s challenge is to get that under control.

In terms of food, I have definitely started to notice the benefit of reducing portion sizes. I used to be able to eat a full family-sized pizza (I am definitely not proud of it) without a trouble but I have started to change the size of my meals. Instead of eating 3 humongous meals throughout the day, I have started to eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours. This way, I keep on providing my body with energy whilst making the portions smaller (I’m being such a good girl). As a result, I think my stomach has started to shrink as the other day, I had a hard time finishing a meal in the restaurant. I used to consider having gastric stapling done…

As vain as it may sound, I have started to take selfies as I do not get a gag reflex whenever I look at myself in the mirror. To be honest, I am starting to feel beautiful again. I would not say that this all has anything to do with the visible changes (I cannot see any difference when looking in that mirror) but the way I am feeling.  My knees and back are still aching a bit but there has definitely been an improvement (maybe it is the yoga working wonders). I can sit again without trouble breathing and I can walk up 8 flight of stairs without holding my heart. I am starting to feel like myself again…

BMI             33.0

Lost weight 1.9 KG / 4.2 Lbs

Total lost weight 3.4 KG / 7.5 Lbs

Taking into consideration the lack of exercising and all the fries I have been eating, this week’s weight loss has been a rather pleasant surprise. I will be seeing L soon so I get an update on the figures with regard to my body fat, muscle, and so on. But until then,

How are You doing?



4 thoughts on “Progress: tired yet happy

  1. I just am starting to feel the same way with selfies, it’s becoming easier to find one to post on instagram, it kind of a great feeling! Congratulations on the weightloss! My stomach has definitely shrunk! I went on a bit of a binge the other day and couldn’t eat anymore after about 1/4 the size of my old binges, so I guess that can be considered progress. Haha
    Thank you foe sharing!


    • I had homemade burgers tonight with my friends and normally I could easily eat 4 of them. Today, after one I was already getting full haha!

      And being able to take selfies without gringing at the photo is a great feeling indeed! 🙂

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