The Living

Jackpot. Although Roast and Toast still holds the top position in le Tour de Cafe, the Living is definitely my favourite in Delft. Lovely interior and mind-blowingly amazing food, it is a surprise that the cafe was not buzzing when we got it. Located next to the Delft Cinema, this cafe makes sure that all your allergies have been taken into consideration.


The Living is filled with natural light which is definitely a bonus but that is not all. Similarly to Miss Morrison, The Living is filled with details. All in all, it is a very well put together small cafe.

The Living shines especially with its customer service: Bilal greeted every customer with genuine warmth and made sure to answer any questions one might have. He made us feel  very welcome!

As the cafe was established with the idea of take-away, it does not seat many people. This is truly a shame. Because of its take-away roots, the cafe does not have a customer toilets which was the only reason why I could not see myself bringing all my books and laptop there to spend my day studying in such a inspiring environment.



Whilst I went for a regular black cup of coffee, R was yet again sporting an espresso (what a surprise). Although the cuppa had a lovely after taste, it fails to reach the level of Roast and Toast.


While Bilal is responsible for customer service and coffee, Jorine is the chef and oh boy, the idea of her creations brings still a water in my mouth! Not only is the food tasty but it caters for all kind of allergies: all the food in the Living is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free!

I also found the setting great: the cafe has a buffet and you may merely for what you eat: you can get as much as you want and whatever you may desire and the final price will be determined by the weight of your plate.


R and I ended up paying 17e total for 2 plates full of food as well as 2 bowls of soup which totals at 8.5e per person – not bad. On top of this, as a student, I got 10% off which I cannot complain about!

However, even with the student discount, I would not go to the Living every day. Instead, I will be using the spot as a way to treating myself for achieving goals with my project towards health (healthy and delicious is a great treat, right?).


The Living is a must-visit cafe in the old town of Delft: serving great quality coffee AND food, it is definitely one of my favourite spots. Only the lack of customer toilet and seating, hinder the cafe from reaching a full 10. Did I mention, they do catering (and delivery) also!


Good stuff
+ Food!
+ Coffee
+ Soya milk
+ Super friendly people
+ Allergy free
Room for improvement
– No customer toilet
– Lack of seating


Atmosphere: 9.5/10
Coffee score: 9/10
Overall score: 9.25/10


Want to visit?

Asvest 8
2611 PK Delft

Opening times:

Monday      Closed
Tue-Sat      11.00-20.00
Sun              Closed

Want to know more?

Website: The Living
Facebook: The Living
Instagram:  The Living
Twitter: The Living



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