Visuals of the Week: What’s up with all them selfies?

Hey peeps!

Here we go again (I know I know, it’s Tuesday…) with the pictures of the week 25th April-1st May!




My lips have been seriously as dry as Sahara. To try and battle my lips falling off, I tried rubbing them off with sugar (some people somewhere once said that it might help). It did not work.



I continued cleaning from last Sunday and came across my guitar (that I do not even know how to play apart from the Batman tune). Does anyone want a guitar?


It was Kingsday: the biggest celebration of the year when everyone dresses in orange and goes run around the streets (and canals) of the Netherlands. I am not a big fan of crowds so R and I decided to go to an amusement park instead (I swear I will post about it this week!).



This is the first selfie I have taken in a while. I do not look in the mirror anymore and feel disgusted! Definitely improvement in the health frontier.

Friday IMG_20160429_211053

Just when I said that I have stepped it up with being healthy. Oh well, you need sometimes that Friday night when you make burgers and try to spice up some vodka with your own oranges (do not try this at home!)



Nowadays, Saturdays are my market days. So you can expect to see a picture of Delft each and every Saturday. I will try to keep it interesting though (emphasis on the word try).



Yet another public holiday but this time it was Finnish: vappu aka Labour Day. In Finland, the tradition is to wear your graduation hat from high school (it looks something like this) but because mine remains in Finland, I decided to wear my uber-Dutch hat instead (the one I should have been wearing on Wednesday). What’s up with all these selfies?!

What was your favourite thing last week?

I think mine would be going to the amusement park.I hope you are having a fabulous week! I shall get back to you tomorrow with my updates on my weigh in, right before going to get my parents from the airport. Yes! They decided to come and see their baby girl for a long weekend 🙂


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