Visuals of the Week: Quality time

Dear world!

It is that time again: my week in pictures. The past week was pretty special as my parents paid me a visit and we got to travel around South and North Holland. So, 2nd-8th May:



Monday is my errand day and I was running around Delft. The weather was definitely better than the week before and the canals are starting to get filled with boats (the streets of many Dutch cities are so narrow that restaurants cannot extend their seating outdoors apart from these boats). What do you think about the idea?



I may have become that person who wakes up at 6 am just so that I will be doing pilates by 6.30 am. Who knew I had it in me! This is quite an achievement considering that I used to get out of bed hours into afternoon (anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I love sleeping more than…well… anything).



Wednesday was spent with my parents in Amsterdam. Food, drinks, laughter and visiting van Gogh museum (once we finally found it).










Thursday was all about flowers as we visited Keukenhof (world-famous tulip gardens). During the day, I got reminded of me having close to no knowledge on flowers (I only recognise a handful of different flowers).



The weather has definitely been ridiculous in the Netherlands! Friday, it was +25c (77F) with blue skies which does not happen too often in the Netherlands. We embarked on a trip to The Hague as well as the beach of Scheveningen (seriously, the name of that resorts is impossible to pronounce). I am not quite sure if all that clothing was needed…



Parents went back to Finland and the weather kept on rising (+28c/82.4F). To my surprise, R and I went to the beach yet again and went supping. I had never done the sport and I suppose doing it in the waves and against the currents (they start quite quickly pulling you away from the beach) was not the easiest way to start a new sport. However, I managed pretty well! Also, with the help of sun cream with SPF 50, I got only moderately sunburnt. Lobster-like skin tone definitely runs in the family…



Maybe I wanted to show off my red-ish hair for the sake of Mother’s Day because my mum is a true redhaired lady.

Sunday was full of office work (once again) and I tried staying away from the sun (yet another hot day). Although days like these are perfect for doing some longboarding, the weather is simply too hot for me go and longboard. Hence, R and I went longboarding only in the evening at sunset (so much more bearable). Btw, I am now starting to notice that I have lost some weight. Not a bad feeling at all…

In summary, I doubt that this week will be quite as eventful and my weight is definitely going to go down a lot from all the eating out but anyhow, let’s make the most of it, shall we?

Have a fabulous week, friends!


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