Progress: slow but steady

Good morning peeps!

Yet another Wednesday, yet another weigh-in. In one of my earlier posts, I was talking about there being bumps along the road and me having to deal with them. This week has definitely been one of those. My progress has been debatable and close to non-existent. But I think these are those moments when your strength is really put into test.

As you may have read from Monday’s post, my parents were here last week. We had fun and in my family fun means also eating well. This time, however, I was rather proud of my portion control. In the mornings and evenings, I ate what I would normally eat but we had lunch in restaurants which could be tricky (especially since I cannot have any dairy in my food). After my parents left, my weight had gone up only couple hundred grams which in practice, means really nothing. I think this is thank to us walking around 7K every day.

What I am most disappointed about, though, is how the rest of the week has been. I have been eating clean and well, and I have exercised (very light exercising… I am still looking for a good cardio workout). Still, it seems like there is not a whole lot of improvement.

In the past, I have wanted to give up because there had not been as much as progress as I wanted to. Now that I am typing these words, it feels stupid but in that moment it feels far from that. How are you supposed to stay motivated when you have done everything the way you should but the result is still unwanted? It is extremely disheartening.


My face has also gotten a bit thinner

Although this is my slowest week in terms of progress,  I keep on reminding myself that it is still progress. When looking in the mirror, I do not really see any difference but some of my clothes have started to fall off of me. I did some cleaning up of my closets and managed to get rid of two IKEA bags (I think everyone knows the blue bags and they should become an SI unit) worth of clothes. Next week, I will see L and we will finally get on the scale and check how the progress has been in terms of my body consistency…


BMI             32.7

Lost weight 0.2 KG / 0.4 Lbs

Total lost weight 4.6 KG / 10.1 Lbs

This week, I would love to hear from you an answer to the following question:

What keeps you motivated when your progress is slow?


3 thoughts on “Progress: slow but steady

  1. Reminding self of one’s short and long term goals works – but what really operationalizes it is changing something in the nutrition and exercise regimen – it shakes things up and introduces newer interesting things to pursue because the same routine can beget boredom and lead to complacency. BTW I personally love your slow and steady progress. All the best.

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    • Thank you for the comment and following my blog!

      I have been changing things up quite a bit in my nutrition but I wouldn’t say eating the same thing is boring: I love routines haha (maybe I am just weird).

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      • Hahaha – then that is half the battle won! I myself am dreadfully spoilt and need variety especially in food so find it challenging to keep self motivated to watch my macros. I guess you could still experiment with the exercise regimen – shake it up, pump it up, more reps, different circuit etc. Do whatever it takes. All the best.

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