Visuals of the week

Hello folks,

How was your weekend? Similarly to the rest of Europe, I was watching Eurovision on Saturday. R and I travelled to his parents place: “The more watching Eurovision, the merrier” as the old saying goes. Below, visuals of the week for 9th-15th May:



Evening walks are the best. And Delft is such a beautiful city. At the beginning of the week, the weather was also still beautiful… In the picture, you can see the old armamentarium of the Dutch military, nowadays rented by the university as lecture theatres.



Coffee… Mmmm… Unfortunately with normal milk so not mine…



I mentioned last week how I can start to sense that I have lost weight (I did not write about my progress from the beginning so actually I have lost ~8 kilos already) so I have had to do some shopping recently for new clothes. I decided to treat myself and went to The Hague for the day. The city is very different from Delft!



Thursday was yet again a beautiful day and I was laying on the grass with a friend of mine. Can you see the flying Dumbo in the clouds?


On Friday, I got the chance to visit one of KLM’s offices and oh what an exciting day it was! On our way back from Schiphol airport, we were stuck in traffic and the view was magical: planes landing right and left and directly above you. Oh if only I was able to witness that every day.



On Saturday, the Dutch summer was finally over and rain as well as wind and freezing temperatures. Nevertheless, R and I were off to the market. However, this time in Deventer.



There is something magical about the combination of sunsets and rain clouds as well as visiting the countryside. I do not think I belong in the city…

How was your week?



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