Progress: numbers do not tell the whole truth

Hey peeps,

Hey peeps, I started to write about my lifestyle change in this blog in order to be able to hold myself accountable. So far, there has been progress and it has been mainly positive. But when it comes to holding yourself accountable, you need to be honest. And today, I really need to be honest..

How I am looking

I took a picture on my very first day of this journey and I took a photo today. I would be lying if I said I saw no difference:


Before and after current

It is quite hilarious when I think about it. I still remember taking the picture on the left and I seriously tried to smile in the picture. Instead, it turned out looking as if I had heard a terrible dad joke (my dad, obviously, has only great jokes up in his sleeve). Today, however, I was trying to pull a straight face. I think it has been all those extra pounds dragging down the sides of my mouth. Now that they have been shed off, I am closer to smiling every day!

As you can see, I have not added a picture of the rest of my body because well, not a whole lot has changed there… I bet my butt that I am not the only female out there who gains their weight first to the bottom part yet starts to lose it from up top. Hence, there has not been a significant change in the rest of my body (I bet you, my boobies will shrink down to a washing board before you can see me have a thigh gap).

How I am feeling

Since the beginning of this journey, not only have my clothes (especially tops) started to fall off of me but I have started to notice a difference in the way I am feeling. The pounds I have shed have translated into more ease in life: I do not run out of breath when I sit and I can climb up the stairs of my apartment building without being completely exhausted (let’s be honest, I still run out of breath a bit).  However, in the past week, I have not been feeling extremely well which is what I originally wanted to talk about today.

As I have mentioned before, so far my weightloss has been based on my eating habits and in the past week, my diet has been all bonkers: alcohol, dairy, sweets, dairy, meat, dairy and some more alcohol. Okay, I have been eating other things also but the above mentioned items have taken an nasty large portion out of my nutrition. Because of all of this, I have been feeling purely awful: bloated and just overall disgusted by my being. I would describe the feeling to somewhat the way I was feeling 2 months ago: not comfortable in my own skin and just very cranky.

On top of it all (or because of it all), I have been exhausted and due to being tired and exhausted, I have been stuffing my mouth even more with things that I should not have. Yesterday, I was incredibly sleep deprived and ended up eating a big chocolate bar, sandwiches and some cake merely because I was tired (this all happened within 20 minutes). The quick drop in my sugar levels, afterwards, resulted in me crashing on the bed and sleeping for 4 hours which is what I probably should have been doing in the first place.Oh the joy…


This week, I teamed up again with L and she let me step on her magic scale (I really need to get one of them). That’s why, this week you get to see quite some more numbers than in the past.

As you can see, I have lost weight again this week (which I am surprised about considering the amount of crap I have put in my mouth in the past week). Overall, my BMI has come down which is positive.

However, it is interesting to see how my body consistency has changed. Actually, my body fat is going up and according to the machine, I have lost 400g (0.9 lbs) in bone weight (do bones really just disappear that quickly?). Once again, I have no clue how accurate the machine is but it seems like I am losing my weight from my muscles instead of fat. This, to me, screams that I am not eating enough protein in my diet which is very much true (unfortunately). I think I need to have a second look at my diet and make sure that that will be fixed.

Past week

Lost weight 0.6 KG / 1.3 Lbs

Total lost weight 5.2 KG / 11.4 Lbs

5 weeks ago
BMI            33.6
Body Fat   37.4%
Fluids        45.6%
Muscle      32.6%
Bones        9.9 kg
BMI            32.5
Body Fat   38.7 %
Fluids        44.6 %
Muscle      32.4 %
Bones        9.5 kg


In conclusion, mirror, BMI and a regular scale do not tell the whole truth about your progress. They merely give an indication of what is going on and in the next few weeks (until I will step on the scale again), I will need to really pay attention to what I am eating. Also, I am finally feeling like I could start doing some exercising. As my weight is starting to drop, my skin is starting to get loser (I am not a teenager anymore whose skin adapts with ridiculous speed to changes in their body). However, I still refuse to join the gym as I am a student with money flying around only in her dreams. Can you suggest some easy exercises that I could do at home? I feel like pilates does not solve all the world’s problems as much as I would like it to.

But most importantly, I need to catch up on some sleep first.

Do you see or feel your progress first? 


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