Visuals of the Week: Houseguests

Hey peeps,

Yet another week, yet another bunch of photos. This week was yet another one with a full schedule (now that I am looking at my calendar, I will not have an unplanned weekend until August). Luckily, my weekends are mainly filled with fun times (although there is also my last exam and preparations for that). But without a further ado, let’s have a recap of the past week:



Do you remember being a kid and having a lanyard (that thing that will neatly keep all your keys around your neck)? Did you ever get told that you should not be wearing it when you go climbing because it might lead to an accident?

I never quite understood those stories until last Monday when my lanyard (yes, I am chanelling my inner elementary school kid) got stuck and I tried to pull to get my keys. I did manage to get the lanyard but instead my keys were all over the place as the key ring was the first to break…

I definitely understand the warnings now. Damn, them things are sturdy!



I have been spending time at R’s place once again and they have started demolishing the neighbour house. My days are indeed so exciting that I am following the works intensely…



A bit more fuller day with meetings and the official weigh-in! You can see quite a drastic change in my looks from the past couple months. If you want to read more about my journey, read last week’s post from here.

I have started to try Ballet Barre as a cardio exercise. This may come as a surprise to those people who know me as I have always come across as a person who absolutely despises dancing. However, ballet was always that only form of dancing I really appreciated and now I am doing a modified version of it as an exercise…



I gave up on Apple products this past February and got a Sony (Xperia Z3+) instead. The past few months, we have gotten to know each other but I have been eyeing another colour of the same phone: the phone is also available in copper colour but I was too much of a wussy to get one so I went for black. R’s phone broke down this week so he needed a new phone and he wanted to be sweet so he went and got the copper one and natched my black Xperia instead. Hence, the whole Thursday evening was spent by both of us on our phones: me trying to reset the phone I had the old one (phone backup failed me) whilst R was merely trying to learn to use his phone.



My brother and his wife came over for the weekend which was very much full of skateboarding and longboarding. This is a picture of our gang from the first evening. Speaking of hating dancing, I have started yet another art form: longboard dancing (what is happening to me?!). So far I can do close to nothing but I am getting somewhere and it is so much fun and so challenging!

And honestly speaking, I feel like the more weight you have, the harder it is to do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g on the board. For example, when you try to walk on the board, it does not necessarily help that your thighs are rubbing against each other. Instead of making me upset, it actually works as a motivation for me to lose weight so that I can start doing tricks on my longboard!

(Psst. The turquoise one is mine…)


The beach. The beach is what everyone wants to see in the Netherlands (it is quite nice inded). This time we went to the Monster Beach (yes, such a place exists in the Netherlands). And unlike Scheveningen, Monster is a calm beach. It is connected to The whole coastal line of the Netherlands is more or less connected on sand and you can get from Scheveningen to Monster if you cycle for 11 kilometres. The path runs on a dune right next to the beach and the scenery is amazing! And what is good, you really do not get that many people there.

Instead of cycling, we started to longboard and skateboard towards Scheveningen but we did not go all the way. I think I have found my favourite spot in this country: the only thing missing is a palm tree (and a mojito).



Day Three of board-relatedness. Yet again, we travelled to The Hague but this time for two skateshops: Sick Boards and Sweatshop. Along the way, I may or may not have found multiple longboards that I need in my life (not really but they were just soooooooo nice). Sick Boards is still a longboard heaven.

Sweatshop, on the other hand, is a store with skateboards (where the boys of the group wanted to go) as well as an indoor skate park. Because it was such a rainy day, the hall was full of people but it was fun to look at. The funniest part was how they had a graffiti school next to the skateboard shop. I might be starting to understand why the older generation sees skateboarders as a bunch of misfits…

I hope you will have an amazing week!


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