Visuals of the Week: Travelling

Hey folks!

I am knackered. The past week has been quite heavy in terms of travelling: I spent 4 days touring the Northern parts of the Netherlands (which was amazing) but it is always nice to return home. I did not get a whole lot of pictures from my travels as my phone broke (and the photos on my computer are not on my computer yet). Anyhow, what have I been doing this past week?



Carrots are growing faster than the speed of light and I finally realised that they will probably be ready to be eaten while I am in South America. Great. Luckily, however, the tomatoes have turned out to be slightly more temperamental and I doubt there will be any tomatoes when I will be out of the country.



Monday is the new Tuesday and I hate it. I got a new phone only 5 days earlier and of course it fell out of my pocket. The ridiculous part is that I actually have a gorilla glass (or whatever they are called) on it together with a booklet case which covers both of the sides of the phone. Yet one fall and the screen was completely destroyed.

I ended up spending the rest of the week without a phone which was actually way more relaxing than I expected it to be: no disturbances! I just had to become slightly more creative with my challenge of taking a photo each day…



L and I ended up going to the biggest park in Delft for some exercising which turned out to be a not so great idea as we were chased by a horde of mosquitoes. Ahhhh, summer…



Thursday, oh Thursday. On Thursday I travelled all the way to Groningen to visit a dear friend of mine. I had never been up in the North before and I must say that it beat all my expectations. They do not have canals the same way as Delft and Amsterdam do but instead, the city is filled with cute little streets with trees and walking by, you get a tiny peek into people’s lives. Oh, I want to go back to Groningen.



I spent also the Friday in Groningen… Did I already mention that the houses were adorable? I know that plants growing on the walls are not good for the structure of the building but damn they look nice! Can you see the cat in the picture?



On Saturday, we travelled to Schiermonnikoog: island in the north and actually, the northernmost point you can get to in this kingdom. Groningen may have been filled with cute streets but the island was filled with cozy gardens.



R and I rented a tandem bike with which we toured the whole island. This picture is from the Western side of the island with the lighthouse.

Have a great week, people!


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