Progress? Travelling, Overeating and Excuses

I feel that I write down the same line every single week: my week has been unusual and, therefore, my eating has been all bonkers. To be honest, it has been happening so much that it is NOT that unusual anymore: maybe that is my new normal? Maybe my life just happens to be so exciting (haha) that I happen to be travelling and hosting visitors a lot which means that I have a lack of consistency in my eating? And MAYBE (read carefully), I use those regular irregularities as an excuse to disregard healthy life style? Maybe…

Thoughts of the week

At home, I have gotten used to eating in a certain way and certain kind of portions and at certain times. I feel like when I am home, my life is organised and I do not struggle for the most part. But in reality, I am eating at home only from Monday to Wednesday/Thursday (#studentlife).

If you read my post from Monday, you may already know that I have been travelling once again (surprise!). This time, I was exploring the Northern parts of the Netherlands and I had a great time. But when I am travelling (or when friends/family are visiting me), I have noticed a few things to happen:

1) We eat out
It comes naturally: “Shall we just eat out?” and doomsday starts approaching. Trying to go to a restaurant and having a meal without any dairy is close to impossible in the Netherlands (these people love milk products). It’s not that I cannot handle any dairy products but I know it will make me feel crap. But the worst part is that eating out will not happen once but in the past 7 days, it has happened 8 times! I could of course get a salad (which also includes dairy over here but at least you can pick out the cheese) every time I eat out but let’s be real, I am NOT going to survive with just a salad (or the people around me because I get so cranky).

2) Portion sizes
I am starting to understand those restaurants that serve small portions (I used to whine about it and say they wanted us to starve to death): we really do not need that much food! And there is something in me that when I see the portion in front of me, I feel like I have to eat it all: “I am paying a lot for the meal so I should at least eat it then”. Does this sound familiar or am I just going nuts?

But I do not have this issue with portion sizes only at restaurants. When I am visiting someone or vice versa, I start overeating. If someone else cooks, I do not know what has been put into the food and I do not dare to ask and then I eat a lot (I was taught to never complain about the food you have been given). Conversely, when I am cooking for others, I add something to the table in order to make sure they do not end up hungry (not everyone is used to eating the way I am) and then I end up eating the same thing although I know that I have had more than enough. Stupid.

 3) I start making excuses
I feel like this is what I am doing now also. I make excuses to eat food that my body does not need either because I do not want to bother anyone or because “I am on a holiday anyway, it is only a small portion of my weekly food”. Well Hanna, it is not. Time to woman up and take more control of your portion sizes.

On a more positive note, however, I would like to say that I am proud of myself because I have made some progress: eating out and travelling means that I have not isolated myself from friends and family because of my ‘new lifestyle’ (remember when I talked about it here?).

Now I just need to find a way to control my portion sizes…


What was I even doing?


This week, I really did not want to get on the scale because I knew what was waiting for me. I have been feeling bloated and crap so it was not a surprise that my weight has gone up from last week’s drop. However, I am quite disappointed that it went up so much. Better luck motivation next week, right?

BMI             32.5 (+0.6)

Lost weight +1.7 KG / +3.7 Lbs

Total lost weight 5.1 KG / 11.2 Lbs

How do you try to control your eating while travelling? Let me know in the comments below (I really need the help)!


3 thoughts on “Progress? Travelling, Overeating and Excuses

  1. Hey Hanna,
    I know the struggle when you are travelling and trying to stay healthy. What I do is that I prepare in advance what restaurants we could go to. When Matthieu really wants to try a special restaurant (like in Berlin, he wanted to try the Berlin cuisine, full of sausages and cream), I make a deal that the day after, we go to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch. I will take the example of this “Berlin cuisine restaurant”: I took the time to make a decision with the menu because I basically make a trade-off between how full the dish will leave me, how happy it will leave me, how it may impact my stomach and how exotic it is. That’s a lot and it is also important to bear in mind that you should not stay for hours with the menu, otherwise you go crazy. Don’t be afraid to ask the waiters and waitresses. I am also no longer afraid or ashamed not to finish the dish. I refuse to get sick and ruin the rest of my evening/day because of some principles. And last but not least: we do not take desserts a lot, and rarely in a restaurant that only offers traditional stuff (a simple tiramisu, a simple apple pie, etc..). However, a restaurant with a raw cake or a beetroot brownie, bring me dessert, sure!!! And it is never more expensive than a traditional dessert.
    For breakfast, when possible we like to bring our own stuff, bringing nuts and fruit is easy for instance. The same goes for snacks.
    With these methods I have always been able to enjoy my trips, it also allows me to go for a dairy-rich ice cream or a waffle from time to time 🙂
    Hope it helps!

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    • Thank you Anne for your comment! It was definitely helpful. I had not thought about browsing restaurants beforehand: usually R and I walk around for a bit looking at the menus next to the restaurant doors and give up when (at least) one of us gets hangry (angry because they are so hungry)! Not the best strategy I just admit haha! 😀
      I am not only ashamed of not finishing my meal but also bargaining for a healthy restaurant (it works when I’m with only R but I don’t want to force my friends to eat the way I eat if they don’t want to). Maybe I should become a bit more stubborn…

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  2. Sure, it is not always easy with friends… When we order stuff (like pizza – ordering is cheaper so my friends from Marseille and I usually do that), I usually suggest a salad as well, with tomatoes, carrots, nuts, etc. (and usually all the other girls are like “thank you for daring to say this”), that way I enjoy a slice or 2 of pizza (while the others eat 3 or 4) and I eat more salad. Trade-off again 🙂 I am sure most of your friends will be open and understanding! I am going to visit these friends in Paris in 5 weeks, I will let you know how it went!

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