Weekly visuals

Aloha, peeps!

It is that time again: photos from last week.  The school year is coming to an end (less than a month to go!) which, of course, comes with all sorts of gatherings. And given that it is my last academic year (minus thesis), I do not want to say no. As a result, my instagram feed looks like I am living the life (which I actually am). Only thing missing are exotic trips to far away countries. Oh wait, I will be doing that in less than a month also (life is gooood)…



Is anyone ever consistently good at bowling? I definitely feel like I am not: one game I get 50 points and the next 120. Story of my life!



Yet another dinner out but I did not want to take a picture of my meal. Instead, I ended up immortalising the flowers that were in the table.



Green. Green everywhere! Oh I wish I was back in Finland where summer holidays have already started…



Thursday, I spent in Amsterdam. No, it was not a fabulous time. It was the only cold day of the week and I spent it working on a university assignment and yes, I got to wear the lovely orange uniform…




There was a festival in Delft last week (International Festival of Technology) and on Friday, the shenanigans were topped off with a load of musical performances (99% of which I had never heard of). My favourite of the night was definitely Son Mieux : band I thought I did not know but ended up knowing some of their songs.



On Saturday, I got a bit different kind of view of the city of Delft when I got to visit the construction site of the second train tunnel running beneath the city centre. Maybe geeky but I had a blast (if only it had not been +27c)…



I may have found a new favourite flower (who am I kidding? Gerberas will always be my favourites) and R was nice enough to get me a bunch of pionies. 🙂

Also, I went for the first run in months and it felt amazing! But I am sure you will hear all about it on Wednesday…

What was the best part of your past week?  Mine was probably the bowling night (although my arm was hurting like hell the next day). Have a fabulous week, friends!


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