Progess: Forward we go!

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Last week may have been disappointing but hey, it is a new week and new tricks! I have, once again, come to the conclusion that I really need rules and order in my life. As much as travelling is fun, it definitely messes up my eating, body and mind. In the past week, however, I have spent a ton of time at home/university (you know, those ordinary days in one’s life) and it can be seen in my mood and the numbers on the scale…

A couple weeks back, I mentioned how I wanted to add (cardio) exercising to my schedule and that is exactly what I have done in the past week. Do you remember how I said I was not able to run because of my back and knees? Now that I am already (considerably) lighter, I have decided to give it another go. As an attempt to play things smart, I am taking it slow. Actually, I am starting from the very beginning.

I am using an app called “5K runner” which helps you to get from couch potato to running running 5K within 8 weeks. I used to use the sister of the app to train me for 10K and half a marathon but I thought maybe it was smart to start from the beginning and first aim at a 5K (I still do want to run half a marathon in 2017). Anyhow, the app asks you to exercise 3 times a week and that is what I am doing. After week 1, things are going quite well! It is an amazing feeling when my knees are not killing me and I would like to keep on going. Also, I can definitely feel that I have way less weight to carry with me. Doing cardio makes me happy in a whole new way!

Because the weather has been ridiculously warm (probably nothing in comparison to California), I try to run in the morning. Not only is it cooler but also oh so calm which I love! The perk of being up and going at 6.30-7 am is that the world is still waking up. 🙂



The running view is not terrible, right?


I am not down to what my weight was 2 weeks ago but it is not far anymore. The loss from last week is definitely in food: I have been eating regular home food. The difference between home-cooked food and (mostly) greasy dishes from restaurants really does definitely make a difference. Thanks to the food eaten at home, I am feeling less bloated and I have more energy. It has been an amazing week!

Moral of the story? There are ups and downs and one bump in the road does not mean the end of the story…

BMI             32.1 (+0.2)

Lost weight +0.4 KG / +0.9 Lbs

Total lost weight 6.4 KG / 14.1 Lbs

Pssst. The numbers below are in comparison to my lowest weight (from 2 weeks ago).

What are your favourite cardio exercises? Let me know in the comments and I shall possibly try it out (who wants to only run?)!

Peace out,

Hanna x

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