Weekly Visuals: End of an Era

Hey peeps,

Start of the week has been busy but here we go. Are you ready for some pictures of food?



I do not think but I killed my gerberas pretty quickly after getting them. However, I did not give up with hope and I kept on watering them and keeping them in the sunniest and warmest spot next to the window. And now, I have 3 flowers coming up again – must be magic.



With the intend of exploring new cuisines, I made some Persian food (my good friend comes from Iran and apparently she also loves the specific dish). Yummy!



Back in December, I got some new knives and I never really tried all of them out. Not that I eat a whole lot of meat and need the meat knife so I improvised and was definitely murdering the carrots. It was so much fun apart from the fear of having my fingers in the way.



As the title says, last week meant an end to a specific era. No, I have not graduated (that is still so far off) but on Thursday, I had my last lecture at university. Now it will be all about my one last exam as well as completing the greatest wall in the world: thesis.



Friday nights include some hardcore gaming in this household. I so kicked R’s ass at Battleship (he does not want to admit it)!




I always thought that my favourite part of Project Eden would be growing my own tomatoes but oh how wrong I was. The best part of having a garden are definitely all the herbs. My cooking has started to taste so much better now that I can just go to the balcony and get fresh herbs to throw in with the food. I was actually asked for the recipe of the dish in the pictures, would you like to hear how I spiced the thing up?



Just the way my gardening and cooking skills have started surprising me recently, I have come to realise this new sort of passion for flowers. It is not cheap but I love having flowers from the market and these ones are especially beautiful. Seeing them make my day.

As a conclusion, as much as I hate to admit, I think I am slowly becoming an adult. Cooking, gardening, finishing with classes, making flower arrangements. Phewwwww, what’s next!

I hope your week is going well 🙂


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