Once an Athlete, Always an Athlete


Late-night post today but here I am. I started with my thesis (feeling anxious already…) so my days definitely have a slightly different structure and schedule now. ANYHOW, a lot has changed since my last post.

Do you remember how in spring I was talking about not being able to exercise because of my back and knees? And how later on, I was finally able to start running? Now, I have taken this madness to the next level and got myself a gym membership. Yes. A gym.

At the gym I go to, they are nice and give you a full-on introduction to the gym life (I mean sure, I have been going to the gym in the past but reminders never hurt anyone, right?). As part of the introduction, I had to fill in some forms on my fitness and what I wanted to achieve (fitness close to nil and wanted to ‘shape my body’).

Because of my back and knees (as well as shoulder that was operated forever ago), I really want to take it slow with training. I just do not feel like hurting any part of my body within a month of getting in there. Also, in the past my ‘gymming’ has gone a bit overboard as I started going 5 times a week spending 3 hours at the time training myself to death (no wonder I lost 40 pounds in 2.5 months). But hey, now that I am older and wiser (hah), I am doing things differently… I warm up by running on the treadmill (doing those running exercises with the 5K and 10K apps) after which I go through the machines with extremely small weights and many repetitions.

Actually, I do not need to gain any more muscle. As part of the introduction, I also got to have a body composition analysis done. And below are the two most ‘shocking’ counts:

Fat: 30.5%
Muscle: 66.1%

Yes. 66.1% of my body is muscle. And that is a lot. This is also one of the reasons why I could never have a ‘normal’ BMI: if you took only the weight of my muscles and bones, I would already be considered overweight based on my BMI (yet another reminder why you should not only look at that count!). But why did my fat percentage shock me? Because in April, my body fat was whopping 37.4%!!! That means that the weight I have been losing has mainly been from fat which is definitely good. Of course the composition has been checked with two different machines but I am sure that there is some truth to the numbers… Overall, my instructor was laughing because I had been so pessimistic about getting on the scale (he agreed on me not needing any more muscle in my body). Considering that I am(/or at least have been for majority of my life) an athlete, my body composition is normal and healthy – who would have thought?!

And speaking of being an athlete, as much as I enjoy going to the gym, however, I need a purpose for it. And that purpose has always been playing sports. Now that I do not want to break my back from wresting in water polo, I have come up with a new sport I want to concentrate on: triathlon. It lets me practice running yet it also lets me enjoy being in water and well… I just need to put up with the cycling part. Oh what a cliche I am – I feel like every other ex-swimmer goes for water polo and ex-waterpoloers swap to triathlon. What can I do – water is my element…


See how excited I am?


Most of the muscles are in my legs…

Now that I even got myself a cycling outfit (thanks R!!!), I think I genuinely need to give the whole triathlon thing a go. Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, here I come.

Weekly weigh-in: 

Since last week, my BMI has also dropped (my life is definitely getting ‘normal’ again with routines) as I have started to exercise and eat regularly my own cooking. Let’s just hope that I will remain to have the energy for exercising with my thesis…

BMI: 32.0 (-0.2)
Feeling: Amazing! (++)

Does autumn motivate you to exercise or alternatively to crawl up in the corner of sofa to watch TV? Let me know in the comment section below!

Woah. This was quite a long post (what can I do, I had a lot to talk about). Until next week…


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