A Quiet Life

Hey there,

I have been so desperate to make an update on my amazing progress. However, the progress has not been quite as amazing as I was hoping for. I wish there was a great explanation to why there has been no visible results but the main cause is merely the fact that I think I can eat whatever I want now that I am exercising.  Fail.

Indeed, I have started to exercise. In fact, I have started to exercise semi-regularly. I am also trying to find an exercise class that I would enjoy (I tend to hate them). So far I have tried spinning (mehh), yoga (super mehh), pilates (I preferred the YouTube classes) and squash.

From the bunch, squash has been the only thing that I have been excited about – probably because it is, from this bunch, the only ‘proper’ sport in my books. I really hope to find something that motivates me to go to the gym. Do you perhaps have any suggestions?


Last time I wrote that I wanted to find a new measure for my success. After giving it a thought, I developed a score chart (I think we all are kids who appreciate golden stars). I took the most important factors from my life that I want to improve on and created a chart. Whenever I accomplish something, I will draw a cross. Whenever I have enough crosses (or points), I will get a present of some sort (basically, I am trying to earn myself a slow cooker). There are still things to be improved upon but the pilot version looks something like this:


As you can see, I have not quite gotten to my goals during any of the weeks but at least I have gotten some points there. Last week’s dip is mainly because I was travelling from Wednesday to Sunday and all my routines were impossible to achieve. Anyhow, I will keep on going with this and I will be reporting my success in terms of points that I achieved the previous week.

BMI: 31.6 (-0.2)
Scores: 19 (booooo!)

What kind of healthy habits should you improve upon?

Until the next time,


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