For the love of Statistics

You may have noticed that so far, I have not mentioned even once my actual weight. I never really thought there was a need for it or maybe I was too ashamed to admit how much I weighed. People usually think that I am way lighter than I actually turn out to be. The real reason is that I have actually big muscles that I carry around (as we established a couple months ago). But maybe people tend to forget that because I also have fat around the muscles and they  think that there is nothing underneath?

However, I woke up to realise that I have now lost nearly 13 kilos since the beginning of my project. Thirteen kilos is a considerable amount when realised that I have not exercised a lot for it! Sure, I have been playing squash every once in a while and gave running ago (maybe I should try it out again) but this is the first time in my life when I have lost weight by changing my eating habits and lifestyle in general. And it feels good.


No tears in this picture!

But don’t cha think even for a minute that it has been easy. It has been hella rollercoaster that has required blood, sweat and tears (okay, maybe the blood is a bit of an exaggeration) – at least at the beginning. Once the train starts moving, you start getting used to the speed. One of the things that has helped me throughout the process has definitely been my love for statistics.

My friend visited me a couple weeks back and we were discussing health, weightloss and so on… When I showed her how I have been keeping track of my progress, she burst into laughter: “You’re definitely an engineer trying to lose weight. Who has so many excel sheets dedicated for tables and figures on their health?!”

 “You’re definitely an engineer trying to lose weight!”

I was not quite sure whether or not the banter was meant as a compliment but I definitely was not insulted. After all, I am an engineer (Well, nearly. I just need to get my thesis done). And yes, I am trying to get healthy. And yes, I do have all sorts of Excel sheet creations to keep track of how I am doing with it. And today, I was thinking of sharing one of the graphs with you…


As you can see, I have started to shrink. Some of the measurements have been going down faster than others but as a trend, I have now gotten 9cm smaller (circumference) all over my body. As you can also see, it has been a rather slow process. In fact, I have been at it for over half a year which, I hope, means that these results are here to stay!

How do you keep track of your weight loss? Are there other graphs you would like to see from me?




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