My fat jumper

Last week, I revealed that I have been shrinking and quite a bit for that matter. As joyful as this is, it has brought me to the dilemma. What on earth am I supposed to wear?

I think the concept of skinny clothes is familiar to every woman: you keep a piece of clothing, for example jeans, in your drawer with the hopes of fitting in them one day. Now, this brings up a lot of discussion. There are those people who think that skinny clothes should be the first thing to fly out of the window. On the other, there is the group who finds it extremely motivating to see their clothes waiting to be worn again. I am not quite sure which camp I belong to in this matter.


I do think that one should regularly clear their wardrobe: this includes frumpy, big, small and all the clothing that you have not worn in years. However, I still have a pair of jeans from back in 2013 when I was the fittest I have been during the whole decade – my ultimate skinny jeans. I have thrown all other pieces clothing from those days but this pair is something that brings me back (funny enough, the type is called High Waist Hannah and they are my idea of a perfect pair of trousers).

To be honest, I am not quite sure if I will ever want to wear them once I get down to that size: after all, the jeans are scratched from a bicycle accident and the belt loops are falling apart. However, I use the pair as a scale to my success: 6 months ago, I could barely fit my calf in them and now, I just cannot do the zipper up. I find it exciting to see that I am indeed changing but the same time I feel a bit anxious, what if I will never get the jeans back up? What will I do then?

A whole another story is the other end of the spectrum… What should I do with my ‘fat’ clothes (calling them that makes me cringe)? Taking into consideration that I have been going up and down with my weight for the past 10 years, I have ended up with a large enough variety of sizes to dress half a village! I have shirts ranging from UK sizes 12 to 22 (EU 40-50) and pants from 14 to 18 (42-48). The shirt in the pictures, for example, is from last winter and believe it or not, it was fitting perfectly fine on me less than a year ago.


My fat jumper

Now, I am battling with a dilemma what to do with it and all of its mates. Maybe I should keep them as a reminder of my chubby days and put them on when I feel like I am going nowhere with this journey? Or am I merely setting myself up for a failure as then I always have a backup plan in case I ended up gaining back all the weight?

Honestly speaking, I do not think I will get rid off The Skinny Jeans nor the white jumper. I want to keep them as a scale of where I have been with my weight. They feel like they are the stable pieces and they have too much sentimental value to get rid off. However, the rest of the ill-fitting clothes can definitely go in order to make space for new ones.



 I went to the body composition weighing again and it looks like I have been losing weight mainly from my muscles. Not good. As I have been working out, I do not think it has been caused by idle life. I think the one to fault is me for not thinking better what I put in my mouth.

Fat %    40.1
Muscle %    56.8
Total Body Water %    43.6
BMR    1776
Metabolic age    39
Visceral fat rating     6

All in all, the weighing was pretty depressing. The last time, I had lost weight from my muscles and now it has gone all upside down. My metabolic age has gone up which is baaaaad. The only not so down-putting factor is that my visceral fat rating (fat around your organs) is still within okay limits.

I know I have been failing at protein intake and especially since I started to considerably cut meat out of my diet, I have not been quite as imaginative as I could have been. Therefore, my plan from now on is to make sure that I am getting enough protein in my diet! Also, from now on, I will start going to the weighing every 2 weeks to keep better track of what is going on with my body. I think you can start expecting some hardcore charts soon enough…


This is one of those speed bumps in my way but I cannot let it stop me from going towards my goals!

What do you do with clothes that do not fit? Are your closets filled with clothes from year X or have you passed them forward?


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